Salcha Seniors

Salcha Seniors Meeting

May 14, 2018


Members Present: Amy Viltrakis James Quinn, Debbie Duncan, Paula Fry, Cindy Jeffries, Karen Erickson, Pat Vroman, Kathy Comeau.

The meeting was called to order by President Paula Fry at 4 pm

Treasurers report was provided by Pat Vroman, Treasurer and the Gaming report by Paula Fry.

Pat Vroman handed out a survey from Department of Health and Services on Older Alaskans from the State of Alaska.

North Pole VFW picked up the rest of BINGO Equipment. So now we can focus on learning how to use our new equipment.

Still looking into the roof on the building . Need to figure out if its an insulation issue or what is causing the leaking before applying for a grant to get it fixed.

Garage Sale is this coming weekend. May 19th & 20th. Will start setting up this week. Offer to the community to set up their own tables outside.

Discussed having another Community Picnic this fall. No date has been set yet.

Need to get a hold of Mike Stoltz to get flower box repaired that was damaged this winter during snow removal. Amy Viltrakis and the kids of Salcha Baptist planning on planting them again this summer around June.

Building will be used May 23rd Regional Growth Project.

Salcha Historical Society meeting June 4th at 7pm.

With no more busness meeting was called at 5:10 by Paula Fry

Kathy Comeau




Oct 9th is the monthly Senior meeting at 4PM.  We have another new member, Margaret Wolff. Welcome MARGARET  !!!! 

We will be discussing again , a couple of important items that were on the agenda last month.  Hope to see you this month !

Salcha Senior's FALL BAZAAR will be Oct 14th. 9 to 5PM and lunch will be served.

Mike, the new owner of the Boondox  should have it opened this Monday.  Hours 10AM until midnight/2AM (depending) .  He may be opened over the weekend for a few hours also.  If questions about the Boondox, CALL MIKE   978-1847

Zumba class for Seniors, called "Core Untamed Gold"  is Thursdays at 12 noon at the Salcha Senior building.  Then a Zumba Basic Class  is from 1:15 until 2:15 PM also, on Thursdays. 

Please call Lesli if any questions about Zumba.  978-0812

Salcha Senior Citizen’s Meeting

September 11, 2017

Present: Paula Fry, Rick Burton, Karen Ericson, David Shoulders, Cindy Jeffries, Pat Vroman, Jan Denton, Amy Viltrakis, Marilyn Marsh, Antonei, Kathy Comeau

The meeting was called to order by President Paula Fry at 4pm

Salcha School is looking for volunteers to help out with the Halloween Party on Oct. 28th. For more information contact Shelly Curtis at the school.

October 1st Representative Dave Talerico will be holding a meeting at the Senior building 6-8 pm.

Internet at the building for $ 35.00 a month.Need to find out if this is for unlimited use. Then we could open building for the public to use. Still in planning stage.

Looking in to have the building used for emergency shelter. Will contact Ann Johnson for more information. She works for the Red Cross.

Renting out apartment more hassle then it would be worth. If it was rented out taxes would have to be paid on the income.

Active members are able to use the building for free

Book shelves, and a single bed were donated by the Cleveland family.

Gaming, If we make $5000.00 or more on pull tabs that money need to be used within that calendar year.

Zumba class have been having a good turn out on Thursday’s

ParaLea Beckley is pulling together a Fall Bazaar for Oct.14th 9-5 and a Christmas Bazaar for Nov. 4th 9-5

Fall Bingo has been cancelled due to Machine is not working right

Cindy Jeffries says we have 79 members

Historical meeting will be held Sept. 16th

There being no father items for discussion the meeting was adjourned at 5pm

Kathy Comeau Trustee

There will be a meeting on August 23 (next Wednesday) at 2:00 p.m. about the TV reception in our area. 

A knowledgeable person will be conducting this meeting, and all I know that evidently some people have a problem getting TV reception, here in Salcha. 
If you can not make the meeting, but do have questions,  please e-mail our President, Paula Fry. Also, if I get more information on this subject, I will pass it on to you. 
Paula is : 

Some quick reminders:

Zumba class at noon today.

Salcha Market every Saturday at the Store 11-5pm

Next Senior meeting Sept 11 Monday, at 4pm

I've been explained that North Pole City Hall wants to encourage people to go to their website for their monthly newsletter.  I won't be able to forward it to you anymore.  But that is ok,,,,, because if you go to our very own site,, you can read all the info there that Morrie has posted.  Snoop around and click on all the headings.

By clicking on "North Pole Calendar of Events", then in the SEARCH block, type "newsletter", you can then click on the current newsletter or past ones.  By the first of every month, there should be a current newsletter.

Guess that it until next time.  Thanks.

April 22nd - Bingo

May 12th, 13th, 14th - Yard Sale.


Hi Everyone,

  This is a calendar of events for the Salcha Seniors. Please mark these dates on your calendar.
April 22nd       Bingo     Dinner starts at 5 pm.   Pulled pork sandwiches, salads, baked beans, desserts and coffee. $6.00.
                                      Bingo starts at 6 pm.   $12.00   Win money and last game is ‘blackout’ that pays $100.00.
                                      If you could donate a dessert, it would really be appreciated. 
May 12th, 13th, 14th      Yard Sale.     If you have any ‘treasures’ that you can donate, please bring them to the Senior Center. Leave them on the porch. We will check every day for donations.
The sale will be 9 am to 6 pm each day. If you would like to help us set up the tables on May 9th, 10th and 11th, come to the building at any time. I will be there at 9 am.
 Nov. 3rd, 4th, 5th             Christmas Bazaar     If you have a craft that you will donate to us, it will really help us raise money for the building expenses. Embroidery, crocheting, sewing, wood work or anything home  made. There will also be a bake sale. If you aren’t crafty, (like Paula) maybe you would make cookies, candy or other baked goods.
 We will have get-togethers at the building in Sept. and Oct. to work on crafts. I will let you know the dates later on. Also, if you would like to rent  a table to sell your own crafts, the charge will be $10.00 for the three days. The sale will be 9 am to 6 pm each day.
Contact numbers for more information on ALL the above events
Paula Fry           488-3098
Phyllis Stern      488-1664

Saturday - January 21

Game/Card day  2:00 p.m. 

 Weather permitting, and please ADULTS  ONLY


Wednesday - January 25

  FNSB Flood Study  5-8 p.m.


Saturday - January 28

 Carla Coen is serving a pancake breakfast from 9:30 a.m. to 12  noon.

          Gift Give-a-Way at 11:30 am. 

 This is a "GIRL THING OF ALL AGES"  call 488-1628  for more information.


Wednesday - February 1

DOT-no subject given-Michele Felix in charge of meeting at 6:00 p.m.

More information will be sent along to you, if and when it becomes available.

Cookie Bake for Eielson Dorm Airmen December 4th Salcha Seniors Building

Share your favorite recipes to make help publish The Salcha Cookbook

Deadline for recipes is December 1st

Hello everyone.  Some "reminders" below,, and everybody is welcome to participate in them all.

Nov 30th (this Wednesday) at 1PM,,, cookbook committee meeting at the Senior Center. Para Lea Beckley Chairperson, if any questions .  750-0300

Dec 4th  (Sunday)  all day long,, a COOKIE BAKE for the Eielson Airmen at the Senior Center.  If you would just like to drop off cookies too, you may between 9AM and 4PM.  Call Phyllis Stern for more information  488-1664

Monthly Senior Meeting the 2nd Sunday of the month.  Dec 11th at 1PM, at Senior Building.

  Questions call,


 Paula Fry 488-3098

Thank You and I'm sure you all had a nice Thanksgiving weekend. 

We would like to get together on the 3rd of December at the Senior Building, to make cookies and treats for the Eielson Dorm Airmen.  BRING YOUR OWN INGREDIENTS AND FAVORITE RECIPES, for a full day of baking, book exchange, MAYBE WIN AT PULL TABS,, and just old fashion visiting. 

Pans, mixers, cookie sheets and free coffee will be provided..  This will be an all day "Bake Day", starting early.  Please join us, the Airmen will really appreciate this effort.  For more information call Phyllis Stern, 488-1664.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....

   Just a short letter to let you all know what is happening at the Senior Center. Things were pretty slow this summer but we do have projects going now.

   As most of you know, we are going to put a Salcha Community cookbook together. The recipes have been coming in and there are so many that I want to try. The deadline for submitting them is Dec. 1st. You can pick the forms up at the Salcha Store if you would like to have some of yours published in the book. Para Lea Beckley is our chairperson and doing a great job, gathering the recipes and keeping the committee busy. We owe her a big 'Thank You'.

   The Beckley family has really brought a much needed business to Salcha. Groceries, gas, liquor store,  hotdog deli, hot coffee and a plumbing business. We're happy to have all of you back in the community.

   Our senior meeting is Dec. 11th at 4 o'clock. We will have our election for vice president, treasurer and one trustee. If you are interested in becoming a board member, please come and throw your name in the pot.

   This coming year, we have to raise our dues to $10 for one and $15 for a couple. We are losing our income since the Boon Dox has closed and we have no one selling pull-tabs. We will also be sending our newsletter by e-mail except for those of you that don't have computers. You will still get it by mail. When you send in your dues, please include your e-mail address. Mail them to Salcha Seniors…P.O. Box 140075.. Salcha  99714

   We want to thank all the quilters that have donated so generously to us this year. You are a 'GREAT GROUP.' I also want to thank my knight in shining armor for all of his donations. It is time to let you all know that the man I have been referring to is Don Leslie. He truly is someone special.

   That's it for now. Have a great holiday season. Drive carefully and say a BIG PRAYER for our troops.

Salcha Seniors Meeting November 13 , 2016 at Salcha Senior Center

Present: Paula Fry, Phyllis Stern, Pat Vroman. Marilyn Marsh, Cindy Jeffries, Para Lee Beckley, Julie Doll.
After filling our bowls with Phyllis' delicious soup and bread, the meeting was called to order by Paula at 4 pm.
 Paula noted that elections are due for the new year and will be done at the meeting on 11 December (4 pm). The election rules, according to our by-laws, are: on odd numbered years, we elect the president, Secretary, ( President and Secretary can not be the same person) and a trustee.  On even years, we should elect a vice-president, treasurer, and other trustees. New faces would certainly be welcome to expand the group.
Dues for 2017 will be $10/person or $15/couple. Dues can be mailed to Salcha Seniors, P.O. Box 140075, Salcha 99714

In order to save time and cost, we are minimizing the number of newsletters mailed in favor of emailing them when possible. Cindy has agreed to continue sending the emails. Email addresses should be sent in with the annual dues.

Julie provided the following text to be included with emails: "The Salcha Senior Center funds most of their activities through a big yard sale in the spring.  They have storage space if you're clearing out things this winter and would like to donate them.  Drop off on the covered porch or pavilion at the center off Johnson Road (near the fire station).  Any questions call our President, Paula Fry  488-3098.

The 18-35 Womens Night group held their first get-together here recently and would like to do so more often. We voted they would be charged $1 per person for use of the facility.
 Paula said her son had changed 2 fluorescent lights and said 1 ballast is bad. He recommends we upgrade to LED lighting and will donate 2 units. All agreed with this decision. Marilyn volunteered Brian to help with the installation.
Discussed seasonal assistance to Salchans in need. Julie will check on one person, no others are known at this time.
 Discussed a request by Salcha School Library asking for financial support to purchase "Makerspace" craft projects for $396 to enhance library programs. We voted not to donate as it did not meet our criteria of book-related endeavors.
 Paula and ParaLea explained that Tim Beckley and Bob Holmes will be installing a TV receiver/antenna at the building next week, so we will have local television reception (at no cost).
The Beckley family has reserved the building for a Thanksgiving Day dinner (2 pm) which is also open to anyone who would like to share the holiday meal and watch the football games on TV. Para Lea Beckley can be contacted at 750-0300.
The next meeting for cookbook updates is 30 November (1 pm) to edit and proofread recipes. We also need to collect facts about Salcha to incorporate into the book. We know Amy Viltrakis has alot of material in her collections - we should ask about what she already has. We still could use lots of help/helpers PLEASE !!

We discussed the advertisement rates again and agreed to keep them at $100 per page or $50/half and $25/third.
 Confirmed the quilters have reserved the building for 3 December.
The center will be open on 4 December (10 am) to bake and decorate cookies for Eielson AFB Operation Cookie Crunch. Hundreds of dozens of cookies are needed to distribute homemade love to all the airmen living in dormitories. ParaLea and Paula will deliver the cookies to the Eielson chapel.
Meeting adjourned at 5:15 pm. Submitted by Julie Doll (for Secretary)

Salcha Senior Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2016

Members Present:  Phyllis Stern, Pat Vroman. Karen Erickson, Cindy Jeffries, Para Lee Beckely, Kathy Comeau, Rick Burton, Jan Denton, Julie Doll.


The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Rick Burton at 1:30 pm.

Minutes of the September meeting were distributed, read by members present and accepted as written.

Treasurer Pat Vroman shared the September balance sheet with members.

Discussion ensured regarding progress on cookbook.  Para Lee announced that Sara Schlombaum has agreed to provide the art work for the cookbook. A suggestion was made that we might consider finding   sponsors for the cookbook whose advertisements would help us defray costs.   We looked over the North Pole Seniors cookbook that contained ads for local businesses and agreed that it would be to our benefit.  Discussion ensued regarding the amount to charge for ads and how we might approach businesses.  It was agreed by members present that the cost to advertisers should be $100 for a full page and $50 for a half page ad.  Julie Doll will draft a letter to the local business’s that might be willing to sponsor the project.

It was decided that there is not enough time to make all of the arrangements necessary to host Bingo this fall.  We will make plans to have it again in April of 2017.

Members feel that we should have another yard sale in May and also make it a trunk sale for  community participation.  We could rent out tables under the pavillion for $25.00 each for the 3 day sale.  May 11,12, and 13 will be the dates. 

Phyllis has an afghan that she made and will donate it to the Seniors to be raffled off at the VFW per Julie Doll.

We have had no income from our pull tabs since the closure of our local bar.  The bar might open again pending the ABC meeting on Oct. 26th.  In the mean time there was discussion of other places that they might be sold.  One suggestion was to set up a table at the Salcha Store where a member of the Seniors could sell them.

Kathy Comeau announced that she will be having a Pampered Chef Party here at the Senior Building on Oct. 23rd at 2pm.

There being no further business to discuss it was moved, seconded, and approved that we would adjourn at 2:50pm.


Jan Owen-Denton, Secretary

Date of next meeting to be decided later and announcement will go out to all members.


Salcha Senior Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2016

Members Present: Pat Vroman, Paula Fry, Phyllis Stern, Rick Burton, Cindy Jeffries, Kathy Shreeves, Para Lee, Jan Owen-Denton.

The meeting was called to order by President Paula Fry at 2pm.

Announcements: We have 10 new members added to our organization, much thanks to the quilters.

                             Beckly Mechanical will check out our boiler and do any necessary adjustments

                             and cleaning.

                              The cleaning lady, Mirah,  will clean the building on the 15th.

                              Big Foot will pump the septic soon.

                              The backdoor screen needs to be rehung.

                             Phyllis’s grandkids reoiled the base logs of the building.


Treasurers Report:  We have 16,000 in the gaming account, discussed pull tabs and the Salcha Store

                                might sell pull tabs. Regular account balance sheet shared with members.


Discussion as to whether we will have Bingo this fall with no conclusion.  We were reminded of the North Pole Senior luncheon on Sept. 22nd and members were encouraged to support them by attending. 

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 3pm.

 Jan Owen-Denton, Secretary

The date has been changed. Instead of tomorrow, the senior monthly meeting will be held this Wednesday at 1pm in the afternoon.  Remember , you can still join us if not a member.

So, see you this Wednesday October 12 at 1PM.  Immediately following will be a Community Cookbook meeting.  We need your help.


For more information call:

Paula Fry, Senior President


Para Lea Beckley, Cookbook Chairman



Hello Salcha Residents,

The Senior Center here in Salcha would like to sponsor a Community Cookbook.

For right now we need recipes,  so we are asking for you to please share a couple of your favorites.  If your parents have passed, and they did live here also, we would love to have some of theirs. Along with the recipe, please write a brief story or comment about them/it.

I attached a form that the publisher has asked us to use, but if you would rather, you may use your own sheet of paper.  Just please double check and make sure there are no errors in amounts, instructions, etc.  Make sure you include oven temperatures and how long to bake.  Most of all, please make sure your completed recipe is legible.

 A convenient way for us to receive your "treasurer" is to just swing by the Salcha Store and Service and inside,  is a

"Drop Box"  labeled for recipes.

 The deadline date to turn in recipes is  NOVEMBER 1ST.

 Thank you in advance,,,  for your time in helping us with this venture.

 The Cookbook Committee

Para Lea Beckley, Chairperson


Cookbook Form

When printing, use Landscape, not Portrait to get full page.


Salcha Senior Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2016


Members Present:  Phyllis Stern, Paula Fry, Rick Burton, Pat Vroman, Kathy Shreeves, Brian Marsh, Marilyn Marsh, Jan Owen-Denton

 The meeting was called to order by President Paula Fry at 7pm.

 Treasurers report was given by Pat Vroman. Our electricity bills will be a bit higher now because GVEA has been estimating our usage.

 It was questioned whether we should reoil the lower logs on the building where the snow and ice have dried them out beyond what the first oiling could restore.  It was decided that this should be done and we are looking for some young people that might be interested in doing the labor when we buy the oil.  Phyllis said she will check with her grandchildren to see if they might want to do it. LATE NOTE of 8/17/16, Paula reported that the reoiling of the lower logs has been completed.

 Our flower boxes from John Tidwell are finished and at the building.  They are very nice and are raised so planting should be easy next spring.

 It was brought up that we might want to have the septic pumped in view of the high water table.  Decision was made not to do so since there is so little use of the building right now.

 It was agreed that our jigsaw puzzle collection should go to Denali Center for the residents there to enjoy.

 The quilters used the building one time this past month and wish to use it again.

 Nobel will present another gun class for the “Wounded Warriers” soon.

 The owner of the Boondox may find tenants to re-open the bar and we are hopeful that we can have them sell pull tabs for us.  Currently we do not have a vendor for them.

 Other building uses: Brian Schlombaum will present photo class after peony season closes.

We would still like to have a line dancing class if we can find teacher.

 Need money making ideas, questioned having another bingo this fall. Will have more information regarding making a “Salcha Seniors Cookbook” soon.

 The meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm.

 Jan Owen-Denton, Secretary