Salcha Fair Association Board Minutes

Jacobís Well Meeting 7:00pm April 26, 2018

Salcha Senior Center


1)      Call to Order - 6:04pm by Christy Abel

            A) Current Board Members present: Christy Abel, Suzy Wegener, Kayla Oeth, Tammy                       Johnson, Anne Johnson, Morrie Mills, Barbara Kasnecky, Nina Batey, Martha Zawicki

            B) Other Attendees: None



2) Discussion Items

            A) Well Turnover - All keys have been turned over, bag of paperwork given, tractor picked up and located currently at Salcha Fire and Rescue, bank accounts closed, credit card vendor payments held.

                        1) Money Turnover - Amounts and checks given to the new SFA board from closing bank accounts is as follows:

                        $17.21 Cash

                        $6.86 Bank Check

                        $6.00 Kroger Check

                        $9.53 Bank Check

                        $30.00 Cashierís Check due to the Salcha Store for 2 not yet cleared Jacobís Well checks. This was delivered immediately following the board meeting to the Salcha Store.

                        2) Plan of action - New accounts to be opened at Mt. McKinley bank in North Pole. Tammy Johnson, Christy Abel and Suzy Wegener will be on the account. Tammy will contact credit card company with new account information.

                                    a) An escrow account for the well will be set up in order to maintain funds for maintenance that can rollover at the fiscal year, unlike the nonprofit accounts. This will ensure there is always money available for maintenance on the well and equipment if necessary.

                                    b) A donation account will be set up at Mt. McKinley for direct donations to Jacobís Well from the community.

                                    c) Keys will be set up for two person accountability and locks on well, cabin and shed will be changed over.

                                    d) Fairgrounds will be plowed to shed so personal items of previous board can be removed, and inventory of fairground assets can be done.

            B) Insurance - Dunlap Agency was called and the SFA is current on insurance policy through November 2018. Policy totals at $1008.00 a year.

            C) Electric and Water Testing - Wednesday April 25, 2018, Christy Abel and Morrie Mills met with Peggy Burns at the well. They counted and removed $37.25 cash from the well for deposit. They took the water sample with Peggy and Christy accompanied her to the well testing to complete the April monthly testing.

                        1)  Testing can be brought in Monday-Thursday and testing MUST take place the following day. Testing must be COMPLETE before the 1st of the month.

                        2) Currently $321 is needed for water testing to get us up to date and current.

                        3) Peggy paid off the outstanding electric on the Fairgrounds side. She paid the delinquent bill on the Jacobís Well side, however, the current bill of approximately $204 is still unpaid. 

            D) Alaska Water Association - They have offered us a FREE year and will file our annual CCR report as well as do our sanitary survey and send operators from North Pole out to train our operators.

                        1)  Yearly fee due April 1, 2019 would be $150.

                        2) Request for fee waiver can be done every 3 years, so can be requested again in 2021.

            E) Community Member Question- Community member Scott Leslie asked if we could take donations directly at the well. It was determined this would not be the best course of action because the difference between well money and donations would be indistinguishable without a well meter. Instead, a donation account will be set up at Mt. McKinley bank with the bank accounts where community members may donate directly.

            F) Meeting with Jim Williams Monday April 30, 2018 @ 2:00pm - Christy Abel, Kayla Oeth and Morrie Mills will attend a meeting with Mayor Chief of Staff Jim Williams on Monday to present new board members and plan as well as to pay 2015 taxes.

                        1) Board Member Turnover with Statement of Change form, Registered Agent Change for and Registered Agent Notice of Resignation will be presented. The cost for this is $25 per form.

                        2) We will emphasize the use of the fairgrounds as an emergency staging ground for the flood plain, and also the necessity of the clean water for the community due to arsenic in much of the water in Salcha.

                        3) We will bring to the attention of the borough the concern of lack of ledgers, money, equipment, grant records and costs and will request a formal investigation from the borough. From that time on we will let the borough answer any question about money from previous years through the investigation, and any concerns or information can be brought to them. The new board will focus solely on the future of Jacobís Well and the fairground and making it successful.

                        4) We will talk to the borough about our plan for account, paperwork, testing etc. accountability from here on out to ensure we stay in good standing with the borough. We will also let them know we already identified well operators (Gary Johnson and Morrie Mills) and they will have a class to ensure that everything is being operated and tested correctly. We will let them know what still needs to be completed (back due water tests, electric due)

                        5) We will let them know we would like to take them up on their offer to send out Parks and Recreation to help us get the fairgrounds up to par, and help with the ball fields and playground when all the snow melts.

                        6) We will provide them with the 2015 taxes required to keep the grounds open and discuss a plan to pay the 2016/2017 taxes. We will let them know with the limited information we were given we can see that with credit card machine made $242.93 in one week and $37.25 in cash on the slow part of the week in 4 days. We estimate that in a year the well will make $16.000. We also have been taking donations and the community is stepping up to help fund the taxes and other items still due including the electric and the water testing.

                        7) We are going to ask if the borough would be willing to forgive the 2016 and 2017 interest and late fees on taxes for those years due to the extenuating circumstances. The hope is this will reduce the bill and amount the SFA needs to raise.




3) Action to be taken

            A) Save Jacobís Well Break Up Bonfire - The SFA will host a bonfire at the fairgrounds on May 19th, 2018, starting at 4pm. There will be a fire, chili and time for the community to hang out. There will be donations bins available to help pay further costs of the well as outlined above.

            B) Updates to Well House - Morrie Mills and Gary Johnson are taking steps to update the well house to conserve energy. New cameras were discussed as well as a box with lock around the cash portion of the well inside the well house. Additionally, changing the lights so they are not on during daylight, updating to LED bulbs, unplugging unnecessary items and working on insulation inside the well.

            C) Well Information - We will post new signs noting Morrie Mills and Gary Johnson as the emergency contacts for the well. Additionally we will create a calendar document posted at the well to ensure all water testing and compliance dates are met.

            D) Continued money raising and community help - We will continue raising money for taxes with the Salcha Store box. We thank the Salcha Story and the Beckley and Fuller families for all they do for us! Also, we will create a SFA non-profit letter head to ask for donations for fundraising events and for things the well or fairgrounds may need.


Board Meeting Closed at 8:55 by Christy Abel       



Salcha Fair Association Board Minutes

Jacobís Well Meeting 7:00pm April 24, 2018

Salcha Senior Center


1)      Call to Order - 6:14pm

            a) Current Board Members present: Peggy Burns, Chris Burns, Zenit Kahn

            b) Other Attendees: James Kimberly, Kim Fuller, Brandon Hux, Nina Batey, Christina                     Abel, Donna Thompson, Anne Johnson, Gary Johnson, Cheri Bowman, Justin Hogrefe,                   Leland Moore, Katharine Moore, Steve Jeski, Morrie Mills, Chris Fry, Kathy Comeau,                   Tammy Johnson, Suzy Wegener, Mike Shelland, William Stock, Jill Schreiber, Martha                  Zawicki, Paula Fry, Kayla Oeth, Mike King, David Abel



2) Discussion Items

            a) Reports and Testing - Well testing and reporting are behind, as well as significant non-compliance with EPA. DEC notified BLM of non-compliance.

                        1) Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) not filed since 2015

                        2) Sanitary Survey required every 3 years - last filed 2014
3) 5 other water tests overdue

                        4) Monthly testing is current up to March
5) Total in order to come up to date on testing (VOC, lead/copper, arsenic) plus all 2018 monthly tests - $705.00

                        6) Alaska Rural Water Association willing to file CCR and Survey FREE with waived $150 membership fee for one year to help.

                        7) Alaska Rural Association in North Pole is willing to send out an operator to educate members how to collect samples appropriately and how to record keep appropriately.
b) Electric - Two months behind on electric for well, three months behind on fairground.

                        1) $255 electric due by May 1 for delinquency in well electric plus current bill.

                        2) $159.57 due for fairground side
3) Peggy will go pay delinquent amounts (not current bill), plus April water testing on 4/25/2018.

            c) Taxes - SFA is three years behind on taxes. In order to avoid foreclosure, 2015 taxes must be paid by Monday, April 30.

                        1) 2015 taxes total $929.65 (taxes, interest and late fees) - total taxes for all three years is $2692.80. Donation box has been set up at the Salcha Store for the community to donate to try and raise the funds for the 2015 year before the Monday deadline.
2) Exemptions from taxes are possible, however the 2018 deadline for filing has been missed.
3) There is a Community Purpose property tax exemption we can get this year, however it is $300, has an annual compliance review, and is $150 renewal annually.
d) Jim Williams (Mayor Chief of Staff)

                        1) Borough will help keep us open if by Monday April 30 2015 taxes are taken care of, a new board has been elected and a plan to fix all issues is established.

                        2) He has agreed to send Parks and Recs over when the snow melts to help get the Fairgrounds up to par and cleaned up to keep maintenance on from there. This is a VERY generous offer.

                        3) Once the three things above are met, the new board will have a meeting with the Assessor, Treasury, BLM and Jim Williams to determine where to go from there.

                        4) BLM would like a new lease, but Jim Williams will allow us to operate under the current lease until mid-June until we are able to meet in front of the assembly.

            e) Insurance

                        1) Dunlap Agency Policy ó will check on policy this week.

            f) 2017 Money Report via Peggy

                        1) Synopsis is as follows:

                                    Well Funds: +$11,428.96

                                    Fuel    $1001.90

                                    Water Testing  $1276

                                    Parts & Services $635

                                    Admin Fee  $767.42

                                    Maint./Repair/Plowing $3,170.68

                                    Mowing $1,000

                                    Admin Supplies $178

                                    Travel  $240

                                    Electric $2140.43

                                    Card Processing  $385.12

                                                            Total: $10,794.55

                                                            Profit: $634.41



3) Actions taken

            a) Emergency Board Meeting called by Peggy Burns and second motion by Chris Burns to elect a new board.

            b) New board members nominated. Votes unanimous.

            c) New Board is as follows:

                        President: Christy Abel

                        Vice President: Suzy Wegener

                        Secretary: Kayla Oeth

                        Treasurer: Tammy Johnson

                        Director: Anne Johnson

                        Director: Barbara Kasnecky

                        Director: Nina Batey

                        Director: Morrie Mills

                        Director: Martha Zawicki

            d) Keys will be turned over Wednesday April 25, all paperwork and other items turned over Thursday April 26.

            e) Board Meeting April 26 @ 7:00 to review all turnover.

Board Meeting Closed

New SFA email for contact: